February 19, 2019

Snacking: Time to switch it up?

Ever feel like that long stretch of time between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner is just a complete slog sometimes? We hear you. According to a Mintel report published in 2018, 96% of Britons eat between meals and 69% of that figure tend to do so on a daily basis. Sometimes, for the sake of your energy and so that you can stave off the dreaded ‘hanger’ (not to mention keeping on the good side of those you share a space with) you just have to have something to satisfy that urge. Anything.

Yup, it’s at this desperate ebb that our wills are weak and we’re ready to reach for whatever’s at hand. We’ve all been at that point where those weird chocolates you got in the office secret santa four years ago begin to look appetising, right? Just us?

But wait! There’s got to be a better way. A more (ahem) ‘Wholesum’ approach to snacking, if you will. Let’s look at the facts on some of those 2pm staples.


Cereal bars

Often pushed as a ‘healthy’ snack option, beware: not all is as as it seems with every cereal bar lining those supermarket shelves. The fact of the matter is that these nutritious-looking packs often come with a high sugar content that might make you feel full of energy initially, but will shortly leave you in the dreaded ‘sugar slump’. OK, so they might be convenient for when you’re on the go but sometimes you just need to know you’re getting something that comes with better intentions! Enter: Wholesums. With just 0.1g of saturated fats per bag, why not make the switch now and again?



The enemy of dentists everywhere. We’re sure you don’t need us to tell you how bad snacking on a bag of sweets can be for you. Usually high in sugar, artificial additives, colouring, preservatives and other weird ingredients that you might not be inclined to touch with the proverbial barge pole (gelatine anyone?)… there’s definitely a time and a place for the sweet stuff. So if you’re looking for a low calorie something-something to see you through to your next meal, make sure you’ve got a bag of Wholesums handy. We’ve only got around 88 calories per bag which leaves more room for whole-veg flavour and goodness.


White bread

A couple of slices of white bread toast aren’t perhaps a snack that you’d normally expect to have to be careful with – but it can be a bit sneaky with the sugar content. Another thing about sugary, white flour based snacks is that it causes a spike in blood sugar. As the old saying goes, what goes up must come down. That ‘crash’ you feel after eating food like this? That’s what’s happening here. So what would make a smarter switch from those bloaty, sugary white breads? Well, just off the top of our heads here… maybe a bag of Wholesums? There’s four fantastic flavours to have on rotation so you don’t get bored:

Salt of the Earth
Softly Sweet Chilli
Splash of Salt & Vinegar
Whole Lot of Smokey BBQ

In all seriousness, there are obviously loads of different snacks out there that’ll help you keep those ‘between meal moments’ healthy – but if you’re looking for something that’s low in calories, low in saturated fat, a source of fibre AND doesn’t compromise on flavour, why not sort yourself out with a few bags of Wholesums? Available now at the checkout in most Sainsbury’s. Happy munching!

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