February 11, 2019

Root to shoot: Why we use the whole veg

It might not seem like long ago that the idea of ‘sustainability’ was considered, well… a bit of a niche idea really. One apparently reserved for eco warriors, living off-grid and on their own means. Essentially, it used to be a far cry from a mainstream issue.

Today? Not so much.

You don’t have to live in a treehouse to know just how important the idea of sustainability is. From the cleaning products we choose to use to the cars we drive and their emission levels, it’s a topic that reaches most areas of our lives – and it’s not going away any time soon! It’s an especially big deal for for folks like us in the food industry.

A few stats to show you what we mean? Oh, but of course. WRAP(which stands for Waste and Resources Action and Programme) estimates that here in the UK alone we throw away a staggering £20bn worth of food and drink waste per year. So not exactly the kind of change you’d find down the back of the sofa. In terms of actual food this figure weighs in at around the 10m tonne mark. Some of this food is of course ‘genuine’ waste, but it’s thought that 70% of it was actually intended to end up on someone’s plate. There’s a few knock-on effects from this too of course (and by ‘a few’ we actually mean 25m tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions). We probably don’t have to explain why this isn’t good news for the environment!

So scary statistics and facts aside – what’s our part in all this? Well, here at Wholesums we’re trying to do our bit by using the whole veg in each and every one of our popped chips. So, instead of throwing away things like the potato skin or the stalk of the carrot, we use the whole lot. When you consider that each of these parts of the vegetable that are often cast aside are perfectly edible – it just makes sense.

For us, it’s not just about pitching in with a more environmentally friendly effort either, we believe it actually tastes better too! This high vegetable content, coupled with the fact that Wholesums are gently baked mean that you can enjoy a full flavour snack and know that you’re helping take those statistics we mentioned down a notch. It’s a no-brainer as far as we’re concerned.

It’s like we always say, there’s no earthly reason not to dig in.

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